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Sharks’ Jonathan Dahlen on what happened with Vancouver Canucks

Jonathan Dahlen designed his debut for the San Jose Barracuda previous night time.

It was a quiet starting in the San Jose firm for the at the time-ballyhooed Vancouver prospect, skating just before SAP Center’s introduced group of 2,593.

But this might have been a welcome distinction for Dahlen, who departed the Canucks firm beneath no modest controversy.

“His agent requested me a couple months back if we could shift him,” Jim Benning claimed in his article-trade deadline press meeting on Monday.

Benning added, “I locate young gamers now, from time to time they never want to spend their dues in advancement time, they just want to be offered an NHL opportunity appropriate off the get started.

“We just felt there was some advancement still left in his recreation just before he’s ready to be offered an NHL opportunity. I guess that is form of exactly where the discrepancy on what they assumed and on what we assumed exactly where he was took place.”

In response, Dahlen’s agent J.P. Berry admitted to Sportsnet 650’s Rick Dhaliwal, “There was annoyance on both equally sides. We had several conversations on how to strengthen the circumstance. A lot more not too long ago a feasible shift was talked over as an selection.”

Past night time, soon after his very first recreation with the Barracuda, Dahlen spoke with Panic the Fin about what took place in Vancouver and how he’s searching ahead.

Panic the Fin: You arrived in today, appropriate? How was tonight, altering?

Jonathan Dahlen: To be sincere, I just want to rest appropriate now. (laughs)

I woke up at 2:30 AM in Utica. I received a ride to the airport there. I flew the whole working day, received here at 11 in the afternoon.

It’s been a long working day, but enjoyment to get started with a win. It’s form of awesome to get thrown appropriate into it like that, so you never have to feel way too considerably, just go out and participate in.

Get a awesome night’s rest tonight.

FTF: When did you locate out about the trade?

JD: I located out at like 3:30 PM. So I had the whole afternoon there to pack. That wasn’t so demanding. It was much more, when I was heading to go to bed, it’s form of hard when you know you have to wake up at 2:30 a.m. to rest.

Form of woke up every single hour there, stressed out. It was a great deal of time to pack, minor time to rest.

FTF: What did it suggest to you to place on your father’s aged No. 22 for the very first time?

JD: It was definitely enjoyment, in particular when he had it in this setting up way too. It was a great working experience. But to be sincere, I have not assumed that considerably about it. It’s all gone so quickly, feels bizarre that I’m with a new crew and almost everything. I have to permit it sink in a minor little bit.

FTF: What was your dad’s reaction to the reality that you received traded to his aged crew?

JD: His very first reaction was, “WHAT?” Then, “You know what, it’s a very good issue. I was there. I know a great deal about the put, it’s gorgeous.” He claimed a great deal of very good things about San Jose.

We talked a great deal much more about other things way too. He was psyched.

FTF: Do you know any of your new teammates?

JD: Everybody’s absolutely new besides Francis Perron. I went to advancement camp with him in Ottawa 1 calendar year.

FTF: What do you really feel you have to do the job on to make it to the NHL?

JD: Oh, I feel it’s a great deal. I have to do the job on a great deal of matters in my recreation. Get pace. I’m definitely psyched to do the job here with a very good coaching personnel. Operate on every single element in my recreation, to participate in in the American League very first of all, and be a very good player there. We’ll get it from there.

I never have [anything to] strain. I just want to participate in here and check out to be a very good player in the American League very first, focus on the up coming step soon after that.

FTF: If I could apparent up some matters then, did your agent question for a trade?

JD: No, I never feel so.

We had a minor things down there in Utica exactly where I definitely wished to really feel very good about myself and have assurance in my recreation and participate in well. I never want to say anything bad about any one, but I did not really feel way too very good about my hockey recreation there.

To be sincere, I just want to place it behind me, and I’m definitely psyched to do the job with the good coaching personnel here who have previously designed me really feel a great deal superior about myself. I’m definitely ready to get heading here and do the job hard and just be pleased and love to participate in hockey.

FTF: Jim Benning claimed some young gamers these days never want to “pay their dues” to make it to the NHL. He was referring, in element, to you. Was that a honest evaluation from him?

JD: I never know. To be sincere, I’m just psyched to be here and do the job hard and check out to get to the up coming level.

But very first of all, I want to be a very good player in the American Hockey League. I have not even place my eyes on the NHL still, I just want to participate in in the [AHL] very first and make a very good impression there.

Certainly, you just can’t jump over a step, and that is not what I want to do both for the reason that that would just appear terribly wrong if I’m in the NHL and not very good plenty of. I’m attempting to acquire my recreation here in the [AHL] and turn out to be a very good player there very first just before I even feel about getting the up coming step.

FTF: Benning also claimed the discrepancy concerning your camp and the Canucks was that your camp assumed you need to be in the NHL at some level this calendar year. You are saying that wasn’t a honest portrayal?

JD: No, I want to be a leading player in the [AHL] and participate in there.

I was attempting definitely hard in Utica to make minutes in crucial situations and working definitely hard to do it. But I’m just pleased to be here and I want to check out and make minutes here with the Barracuda. It’s not like I have any eyes on the NHL still for the reason that I’ve received a great deal to do the job on to get there, for certain.

FTF: What was demanding about Utica?

JD: It’s a hard concern.

It’s a good team of men there. Terrific teammates. They are definitely awesome, most people there. Terrific captains and vets and almost everything. Experienced a Grade-A working experience with the crew there.

I’m just pleased to get a fresh get started now. Try one thing else. Try to really feel very good about myself yet again. Get assurance.

FTF: For Sharks fans who never know you well, what do you provide to the firm?

JD: I check out to be an offensive player. Produce offense. Make some awesome passes, participate in defensively and do the job hard. I’m attempting to acquire my defensive recreation to get it exactly where I want it to be way too.

FTF: Has San Jose shared any timeline with you, their approach for you with the firm?

JD: No approach like that. I just arrived.

1st of all, I want to end the period with the Barracuda. Try to go as considerably as we can. It was definitely enjoyment today to participate in on a definitely very good crew like this. It’s definitely exciting.

I want to end the period, have a very good summertime, do the job hard, and we’ll get it from there.

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