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Aucoin spills the beans about ex-Canucks teammates Bure, Mogilny, Messier, Tikkanen

Former Canucks defenceman Adrian Aucoin appeared on the Spittin’ Chiclets podcast this week.

Canucks admirers will keep in mind him for the seven seasons he performed in Vancouver, from 1994 to 2001. He was just one of the couple shiny places in the course of a dim time for the group, scoring 23 objectives in 1998-99, which is however a report for objectives by a Canucks defenceman.

Aucoin shared a bunch of unbelievable stories from his enjoying times with hosts Ryan Whitney and Paul Bissonnette, numerous involving former Canucks teammates and coaches. If you are a longtime Canucks fan, it was all quality A materials.

Having performed on the Canucks in the 90s, the initial teammate you’d have to inquire about is Pavel Bure. Here’s what Aucoin said about him:

“He (Bure) was specifically what you would envision. He was a Russian male no just one realized as well considerably about …

“You under no circumstances realized what he was up to. A person time we had been in Detroit. He’s got this male that would meet us in Detroit all the time, the guy’s shoulders, he was like frickin’ Andre the Big.

“We came into the locker place just one working day and the guy’s undertaking drive-ups in the middle of the flooring in our locker place. Nobody, even the coaches did not say anything at all to him.

“He grabs a soccer ball, he throws it at the wall exactly where the jerseys are hanging, and he walks out of the place.

“Nobody claims anything at all. It nearly felt like we had been in Russia for the reason that no person required to get killed.”

Asked if he had to make a selection involving getting Bure or Alex Mogilny on his group, Aucoin immediately answered, “Mogilny.” Mogilny scored 55 objectives for the Canucks when he was a teammate of Aucoin’s in 1995-96, when Bure potted 51 in 1997-98.

The former Canucks defenceman stated that Mogilny could move as properly as rating objectives. He also explained to this Mogilny story, which involves how he fared enjoying for Mike Keenan:

“Alex, he was not the most determined male for the reason that he was so fucking fantastic. He was so fantastic it was scary.

“He could move, he could shoot, he could skate, he could even perform really physical. I’ve found him bury guys in the corner, just take the puck and go and rating for the reason that he was pissed off – at will.

“(A person time) we’re in the locker place and Keenan is all about him. We had been like holy shit – ordinarily he’s not on Mogilny like that.

“Mogilny seems up, he’s like, ‘Mike, have you ever listened to of how I defected, how they fucking threatened my spouse and children, how they required to eliminate every person? You believe you are fucking scaring me?’

“We had been like, ‘Holy shit.’ It was very nuts. Mike did not know what to say – he ordinarily will get the past term.”

As just one of the league’s major gamers for approximately two many years, scoring 1032 details in 990 occupation games, Mogilny manufactured a great deal of cash in the course of his occupation. He spent a great deal, as well, as Aucoin shared this funny story about his financial demands in the course of just one of the NHL lockouts.

“During the lockout, keep in mind they had that war chest and they had been like, ‘OK, we’re heading to give you stipends. How considerably cash are you guys heading to need to have a thirty day period? You’ve got to publish it down.’

“Some guys had been like $5,000/thirty day period, some guys had been like $2,000.

“He (Mogilny) wrote down $120,000/thirty day period.

“I was sitting down future to him like, ‘What are you undertaking?’ He was like, ‘A male demands to live.’ He was serious.”

A person of Aucoin’s most appealing teammates, in accordance to his stories, was Esa Tikkanen. Despite shelling out only two seasons in Vancouver from 1995-97, Tikkanen, a legendary character, obviously left his mark.

“I went out with him most likely three or four evenings in a row and I’m like, ‘Done. Just can’t do it.’ He legitimately wrote the rule guide on he could not perform properly except he went out – he was just one of those people guys. If he did not go out, he seemed hung about. If he went out, he seemed wonderful.

“One time we had been in Montreal. All my buddies from Ottawa push up, we’re getting the time of our lifetime. He’s at the bar and my buddy’s like, ‘Oh my god, that is Esa Tikkanen.’ I’m like, ‘Ya, arrive about, I’ll introduce you.’

“He (Tikkanen) was sporting all five of his Stanley Cup rings at the bar in Montreal. I’m like, ‘Hey Esa, arrive meet my buddies.’

“He basically just places his hand in their encounter and claims, ‘There you go boys. Fuck off.’

“I believe he imagined it was just admirers who required to meet him, and I’m like, ‘No, they’re my buddies.’ He’s like, ‘Oh!’ and he hung out with them.”

A great deal has transformed considering the fact that Aucoin entered the league in the mid-1990s, together with coaching. Rick Ley was his initial coach just before Pat Quinn took about.

You can say communication involving gamers and coaches a minor little bit various than it is these days.

“Pat Quinn was a great coach, but even back again then, the only point he ever explained to me in most likely a year and a 50 % coaching me was, ‘Don’t go to your backhand kid. It sucks.’

“That was it. He under no circumstances got mad at me. He was wonderful. He was a great coach but there was no personal… you know what I signify? They did not crack performs down, there was not depth. We did not even do video.

“We had just one video when I was there for the initial playoffs (in opposition to St. Louis in 1995), it was a pump up video displaying guys battling and beating the shit out of the other group we had been enjoying in opposition to.

“It was wonderful.”

A person notable teammate Aucoin spoke about was Mark Messier, who Aucoin performed with in Vancouver for three seasons.

Aucoin, spoke positively about what type of leader Messier was, but this story also clarifies why numerous media users and admirers did not believe he was fully invested in the course of his time right here.

“You appear at some of the very best leaders now – a male like Jonathan Toews. Toews is heading to outwork you all over the place.

“Mess naturally performed challenging … In apply, he wouldn’t use a helmet, he’d just type of float close to. 50 % the time he wouldn’t apply, but that is the way it was back again then.

“The All-Stars would sit alongside the boards and view the other guys do drills. But I give him credit score for the reason that he got it carried out on the ice, and he partied like a rock star off the ice.”

Yet again, Aucoin was talking positively about his ordeals with Messier. Up to you how you interpret the reviews, however.


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